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This insight-packed ebook is a collection of bespoke market research, data, trends, and forecasts compiled by the experts at The MediaGrid.

With over 30 charts and deep insights, this inside look at the programmatic industry will help buyers and sellers better understand today’s programmatic landscape – and future-proof your strategies.

State of Programmatic ebook

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Get a glimpse of 2022’s trends

Get the low-down form the top-down! We have done the leg work to help you find out about the most pressing trends in the programmatic space.

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Discover key emerging formats

Gain an edge on the competition with the latest trends and usage statistics for crucial emerging formats such as CTV, digital audio, and in-game advertising.

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The impact of SPO, deals, and more

Marketers are getting serious about SPO strategy. Find out about the different strategies marketers are using to create value in the market and maximize their ROI.